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Qualified Violinist and Accreditated Pedagogue
Developer of Didactic Methods


"Perfecting the violin playing and the strategy of effective planning is like the union of heart and mind - an ideal combination!"

Ms. Sanocka - Morys has been preparing me for exams to the Secondary Music School in Poznan during online lessons. We have been working twice a week. I passed and with one of the highest scores! Working online is a great way to get in touch with the teacher, help with preparing selected pieces and a great motivation for further work. Thanks to Agata my skills are improving with every piece I play and my passion for violin is blossoming. I wholeheartedly recommend this great teacher to everyone!"

Maria, 12



Dear Agata, thank you for every minute you gave me.... Thanks to you I can fulfill my dream...I am so happy that I got the chance to meet such a talented, warm and positive person! Thank you so much"


Marleen, 27




"Agata Sanocka is one of the most talented young generation violinists in Poland[ ...].

In recent years she has participated in many concerts, both national and international competitions, always with great results and reviews. Agata Sanocka has a very beautiful sound, excellent technique and great creative abilities."


Prof. Jadwiga Kaliszewska

​Head of String Instruments Department of the Academy of Music in Poznan"




Agata Sanocka-Morys was born in Poznań, Poland.

In the years 2005-2009 she studied at the Academy of Music in Poznan in the class of Prof. Jadwiga Kaliszewska and Prof. Bartosz Bryla, graduating with distinction. In January 2012 she completed postgraduate studies at the Music University in Lubeck in the class of Prof. Heime Müller with a grade of 1.0.

Through participation in numerous international and national masterclasses she has honed her skills under the guidance of such renowned artists as (among others) Salvatore Accardo, Wolfgang Marschner, Bartłomiej Nizioł, Anna Bron and Antje Weithaas.

She has performed as a soloist at home and abroad, made numerous recordings for radio and television and won prizes at countless national and international competitions.

Agata Sanocka-Morys has been a successful teacher for 14 years. She teaches children, young people and adults at all levels . She conducts trainings and courses, both face-to-face and online, prepares her students for competitions and music studies and leads chamber ensembles. Her work as a teacher is her great passion. She follows Yehudi Menuhin's motto: "Music heals, music comforts, music brings joy".

Following the principle she teaches, Agata followed a remarkable path to violin realization.

Agata started playing the violin at the age of 6, and thanks to the enormous support of her family, she had the opportunity to work for many years with some of the best Polish professors: among others - Prof. Janusz Purzycki (Concertmaster of the Poznan Philharmonic), Prof. Michal Grabarczyk (world-famous soloist), Prof. Dorota Kwiecinska (recognized and award-winning violinist and chamber musician).

 At age of  15 that she met her first mentor and undoubtedly one of the best teachers in Poland, Prof. Jadwiga Kaliszewska(professor and doctor honoris causa, of jury member of many international violin competitions), who enabled her to blossom technically and musically. It is the professor's "tricks" that have worked for her outstanding graduates for many years and continue to be at the core of the knowledge passed on by Agata Sanocka.

Agata's teaching style is defined as "results-oriented" and at the same time extremely personal as well as adapted to the student's personality. This style has not only led her students to success, but also caused them to love playing the violin, and her online courses as well as individual programs are highly rated and effective.

Agata Sanocka - Morys is of Polish origin, but has been living firmly abroad ( Wilhelmshaven / Deutschland) since her excellent graduation both in Poznan and Germany. Although Agata toured extensively between the ages of 17 and 26, winning prizes at national and international competitions, she dedicated herself to teaching. The willingness to learn effective and heartfelt pedagogy have helped to develop their own methodical programs that not only teach techniques, but also take care of the psyche and physical condition, in addition to building self-confidence!

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